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2017: A Year Of Amazing New Technologies

2017: A Year Of Amazing New Technologies

Humanity is always coming up with new things.

2017 is no different - the innovations, creations, responses and sometimes outright accidents that characterize how we move forward as a species is apparent in our media, culture, and technology.

In particular, our technological advances speak a lot about how we develop as a whole. With each generation making massive strides from the one before it, each iteration and each invention is at least twice as advanced as its predecessor. This year, we look at five areas of tech where we’ve made leaps and bounds.

Push Towards VR

Virtual reality wasn’t very popular when it started out - the technology wasn’t advanced enough to support it yet, and neither was the software compatible with how people saw the world. But from the imaginations of Tron right up to the science fiction novels about living another lie, VR has now become a reality.

A large part of this has been the massive growth of the entertainment, media, and gaming industries. All of them have pushed the inclusion of VR in our gaming rigs and smartphones - in particular, the latest iPhone from Apple is rumored to hold potential for VR compatibility.

Autonomous Vehicles

2017 saw the rise of autonomous vehicles, from Elon Musk’s Tesla units to the self-driving trucks that are becoming a more common appearance on major highways. The advantages of autonomous vehicles is apparent: there would be no need for prolonged human operation, and mechanising the entire process would make it easier on a company’s operational budget.

Despite protests and safety concerns about a vehicle not really driven by someone with full control, self-driving cars and trucks seem to be here to stay, especially after the effectiveness of the Tesla’s safety system was proved in everyday operations.

The Body Is A Machine

Another one of Elon Musk’s pet projects is the Neuralink, a proposal to blend human biology with electronic parts - essential making the first cyborgs. In particular, Musk proposes a intermarriage between tech and the mind, allowing us to control technology by thought.

The Home In The Hand

The push of the Internet of Things (or IoT) has drastically changed the home. From controlling the temperature to helping out with chores, IoT technology has made the home more comfortable, more convenient, and easier to live in.

In particular, IoT is seen as the key to saving expenses around the home. For example, IoT enabled smart lighting has been the key to reducing operational costs in companies that use a lot of lighting systems. With a little tweaking and downsizing for the home, similar benefits could be reaped as well.

The Push For Online Security

2017 also marked the year where cyberattacks became more sophisticated and dangerous. From ransomware that attacked public utilities to leaks that exploited user data for political gain, the year has showed that as much as we’d like to think otherwise, the internet isn’t truly safe.

As a result of this, security providers have taken a much stronger initiative against preventing cyber attacks. It now falls on the users to take advantage of these initiatives, and prevent similar disasters in the future.

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