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4 Tips to Make The Most Out of Your Smartphone

4 Tips to Make The Most Out of Your Smartphone

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Hardly surprising, as it’s the most versatile piece of technology you can fit in your pocket. With a smartphone, you can read emails, check your social media accounts, take high-resolution photos and videos, and of course, contact people via calls and texts.

Even with all the amazing stuff you can do with a smartphone, there are still ways you can get even more out of them. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your smartphone:

1. Download Virtual Private Network (VPN) software.

Your smartphone is a treasure trove of valuable information that deserves to be protected at all times. This is why you need to download a reliable free mobile VPN. A VPN prevents information theft because it encrypts your data traffic whenever you’re connected to the internet. This ensures that hackers can’t access nor steal your information.

2. Preserve the life of your smartphone’s battery.

Many smartphones are equipped with lithium ion batteries that only have a limited number of charging cycles (battery life). Once your battery reaches its limit, you need to replace it. However, there are ways you can prolong the lifespan of your battery. Don’t drain the battery before you charge, as it reduces the battery’s overall quality. It’s also ideal that you avoid using your smartphone while it’s charging because the simultaneous discharging and recharging effect takes a significant toll on the lifespan of your battery.

3. Utilize your smartphone’s data-saving capabilities

Most data plans for smartphones right now have caps, so bandwidth has become a valuable resource. Manage your bandwidth with your smartphone’s data-saving feature. On both Android and iOS phones, you can turn off background data and just choose which apps are allowed to access it. Most smartphones also have a data monitoring feature that tells you how much bandwidth you’ve already consumed. You can program this feature to notify you once you’ve reached a certain level of mobile data usage, which prevents you from exceeding your mobile data cap.

4. Get a smartphone case.

Smartphones can get damaged from dust, moisture, and other elements, just like any other device. Don’t ruin your smartphone by leaving it unprotected. You most likely spent a huge chunk of change for your smartphone, so why not invest a little more to protect it, right?

There are tons of companies that manufacture high-quality, military-grade protective cases such as Spigen, OtterBox, and LifeProof. These cases provide protection from screen breakage, water damage, and shock damage due to dropping. They’re also available in a wide range of designs for a variety of smartphone brands and models, so you’ll never run out of options to choose from.

Use Betternet for your smartphone.

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