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5 ways to be safer on Facebook

5 ways to be safer on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most visited and used sites on the internet. It’s arguably the biggest representation of our lives on our social media channels, and a large repository of our online data. It’s no surprise that our privacy and security are of paramount importance when it comes to using this platform.

Here are 5 ways to use Facebook responsibly - and protect your own data and information from malicious attackers.

Build a strong password.

It all starts with the password. As the first line of defence against potential intrusion, hacking, and cyberattacks, creating a unique password with your Facebook account is a necessity if you use it frequently. A strong password will go a long way in helping you protect your data, maintain your privacy, and ensure that your private information won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Enable two-step verification.

Additionally, Facebook allows you to use two-step verification — take advantage of it! If your password is ever stolen or leaked, in order to enter your Facebook account, a separate device is needed with the correct authentication key in order to successfully log in. Enabling and using this feature minimises the potential for successful account breaches, even if your password is somehow compromised.

Watch your links - even when sharing or clicking them.

We all like to click on the links that we see in our Facebook feed, but proper care must be exercised when clicking on something that looks suspicious, even when it comes to links shared by our friends. Some sites contain malicious software or code that can be passed around by spreading their website links, so extra care is needed when dealing with random URLs that appear on your feed.

Check your photos before uploading.

While Facebook encourages photo sharing, it often doesn’t monitor what is in your photos, making discretion extremely crucial when using this feature. Always check if the photo you’re uploading is safe from any incriminating elements, such as your credit card number or other sensitive pieces of information.

Develop healthy browsing habits.

Finally, even if all of the above advice is followed when you’re on your Facebook account, developing a safe and healthy mindset when it comes to the internet will be your best ally in avoiding a scenario that will compromise your data. By using the internet in a manner that doesn’t invite trouble, you’ll be able to enjoy your experience and social circle online in relative peace.

Stay away from sites that require or ask you to enter your personal details, or login information when it isn’t clearly needed. Any site that claims that you won a prize or some similar scam that seemingly comes out of nowhere are good examples of these.

By following these tips, you’re more likely to avoid data breaches and hackers when it comes to your social media account, and be well on your way to developing a much safer space for you to enjoy online.

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