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Betternet Introduces a New Version For All Platforms!

Betternet Introduces a New Version For All Platforms!

Good news for Betternet users! Betternet is releasing the new versions of Android, iOS and Windows this month with a totally new design, giving you a completely different experience. The iOS and Windows versions will be available for download after their release this month. The new android version is available for download on Google Play store and you get it here.

Here are the features and the new changes made in our recent Android version:

Improvements in Design

The design has been totally reshaped in the new version. The app has been designed from scratch and even the Betternet character has turned into a unique shape. Many users loved the previous one, but we decided to turn it into something unique and different from all the other VPN apps. The new app looks more colorful and when connecting you see some animated figures and the Betternet character changes shapes.

Watch a Video and Connect

This new feature lets you support Betternet by just watching a video before connecting. You can of course skip watching the video if you are not interested. The other way to support us is “installing an app“. You can simply install an app of your choice between the apps offered to you by Betternet. Previously there was an option called “Become a Booster” which is not in the new version anymore.

Better Compatibility

The new version is graphically compatible with devices in all different sizes: The size is adjusted in all kinds of tablets, smartphones, etc. are compatible now.


Performance Improvement

The app automatically reconnects when you switch between networks, for example when switching from  WiFi to 3G connection or the other way around. The app also reconnects automatically after its disconnected. This will give you a more stable connectivity and a better experience. Betternet has improved the number of its servers to give you a more stable connection and more satisfaction when connecting to our VPN service.

Better Communication With the Users

In this version, contacting the customer service has become easier. A new menu allows you to send feedback or report technical problems to our CRM team. We are working on improving our response time and solving the technical problems in a timely manner to give you the highest level of satisfaction in case of occurrence of any issues. This version of android is generally more compatible* *with the Android OS regarding the design, compatibility, performance and quality. The other versions for iOS and Windows platforms will be released soon, so get ready for more surprises! 

Your feedback and comments will help us improve betternet and give you the best possible experience!

The download link for the Android version is available here.

by Benjamin White