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Betternet Introduces Hexatech: A Revolutonary VPN

We got exciting news for Betternet fans: Betternet team is introducing a revolutionary VPN called Hexatech!

The first question that might strike your mind might be : What’s Hexatech and what’s the difference between Betternet and Hexatech? In this blog post I will point out the answers, so don’t stop reading!

There was a time that VPN was primarily created and used as a privacy solution for companies that needed connecting to private and secure networks. Many internet users even didn’t know that VPN existed or what it did exactly do. Perhaps what Edward Snowden revealed about the NSA’s agenda about monitoring people’s private data could be considered a turning point in the history of online privacy on the Internet. Gradually the awareness about online privacy solutions such as VPN services grew among the public and VPN became more popular as a solution for accessing geo-blocked content, surfing anonymously, browsing safely on public Wi-Fi connections and bypassing filtering and censorship in many countries.

Today, many users need to access geo-blocked services such as music streaming channels and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix when they travel abroad or when their access is restricted to some content in such services. Such needs cannot be completely fulfilled by just any VPN services. The popular VPN Services are easily blocked by the governments or the Internet service providers, so users could have a hard time finding the right VPN that works consistently, connects on demand, is easily accessible and is compatible with mobile networks (3G, 4G, etc.) and more importantly; it does not get blocked every day!

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Betternet has has already established itself as one of the most trusted VPN services worldwide with more that 30 million users all around the world. Now by introducing Hexatech, we are going to provide you with a different browsing experience! We aim to work beyond just a VPN provider. The traditional VPN protocols prevent us from providing the users with the ideal quality service due to the fact that they are easily blocked or not consistently working due to restrictions and other parameters. By designing the Hexa protocol, we have created an opportunity to offer the best possible service to our users all around the world. Hexatech is a mobile app that allows you to benefit from the latest developed features before they are released on Betternet app. You will be able to experience the future releases on Hexatech before they are implemented on Betternet. As the result of extensive research and development by Betternet team, Hexatech uses the advanced “Hexa protocol” to give you the ultimate security and fast connection.

Here are some of the outstanding features that make Hexatech VPN stand out among other traditional VPN services:


Today, VPN is more popular and widely used among many internet users for various reasons. Unlike the traditional VPN services, which had their limits, Hexa protocol is designed and tailored to work in a more flexible way, and offers an ultra fast speed and reliable security to the users.


Hexa Protocol is specifically designed to connect smartphones and tablets to secure servers in an easier way. With Hexa, you can connect anytime even if your network quality is not good or your signal is weak. You can also switch between servers quickly and easily.


The other VPN protocols are not difficult to be blocked in different countries. Blocking Hexa protocol is not as easy as other traditional protocols. Hexa Team is trying to improve Hexa as a protocol which is immune to blocking.


That’s right! HexaTech is a free VPN service available on Android and iOS platforms.We serve “Banner Ads” inside our application. You can help us improving the quality of our service by clicking on banner ads.

We have also launched a Pro version of Hexatech on iOS recently. It connects you to more than 5 servers located in The United States, The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and Japan for just 1 dollar a month subscription!

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by Betternet April 4, 2016