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Betternet Launches "Premium" Version

Betternet Launches "Premium" Version

Betternet has launched the Premium version since late November for all Android users, and the iOS version is launching soon. Perhaps many of you are wondering what is “Premium” and what are the differences between Premium and Free versions, so this blog post will answer all your questions.

Betternet VPN was created to make the Internet a better and a safer place for users all around the world. Our team’s mission is to help our users bypass blocked websites, access geo-restricted content and encrypt their data when they connect to public WiFi. Today, more than 14 million users have downloaded our app and we are happy to offer them this service for free and we are constantly doing our best to offer our users the best possible quality. Some of our users have questioned the value of the premium version in their reviews. This blog answers all these questions in detail.

Is Betternet Going to be Free?

Yes. As we have always said, Betternet will be always free for our users all around the world. The transparency page on our website clearly shows the costs and the expenses of Betternet. So, when you watch videos inside our app or install apps recommended to you by Betternet, you help our team to continue offering you our service for free. I emphasize that our service will be always free to our users disregarding the high costs of our servers and their maintenance.

Transparency Page

What is Premium and What Features does it Offer You?

Betternet Premium offers you the best possible online experience by connecting you to our dedicated premium servers, giving you a more stable connection compared to the Free version. Premium members also have the benefit of 24/7 customer support. Some features will be also added soon to our premium service, including: location selection and more IP choices for users who want to connect to a specific country. Some other features will be also announced upon their release. So stay tuned!

Has the quality of the Free version decreased or changed after the launch of premium version?

Absolutely not! For those users who think the quality of the Free versions has decreased or become slower after the launch of Betternet Premium, I should say that it is not true! Our free version’s quality is the same as before and we will continue to maintain the standard quality of this service for all of our users.

So, to wrap it up in a sentence: the advantage of our Premium members would be full time support, connecting to dedicated servers, and the chance to choose country locations [The location selection feature will be added very soon]. The free version users will continue to use Betternet with the same quality of service as before.

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by Benjamin White