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Betternet Premium Giveaway!

Betternet Premium Giveaway!

Dear Betternet users: Happy Thanksgiving! The Betternet team has got some good news for you!

Our team is releasing Betternet Premium for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. All Android users can already use and buy the premium version after getting the new update. The rest of our users will be able to access the Premium version by December 2015.

We are also running a Giveaway contest for Betternet Premium. Enter Betternet Premium Giveaway contest to win a One year Premium membership. 5 lucky winners will receive a one year Premium membership after the end of this contest.

By the way! Non-premium users, Don’t worry! Betternet will be always free for you with the same quality, just like before. Stay tuned for more news about our Premium features! Enjoy the holidays! and feel free to share this blog post with your friends.

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by Benjamin White