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Betternet Releases Windows Version Update

We have got some good news for Windows users!

Many of you might have experienced connection problems on Windows platform during the past months. Betternet team has been working on fixing the issue and finally we have released version 3.7.2 which has solved all the previous problems.

You can connect to our powerful servers in Switzerland for free and browse the web smoothly in order to access blocked websites and social media on the Internet and also secure your connection while surfing the web.

Future Updates

Betternet team will be releasing frequent updates on Windows from now on, in order to add new features. Within the next months Betternet premium users will be able to link their account to their Windows in order to access our premium servers located in multiple states in the US, and also Canada, the UK , Netherlands, France, Australia, German, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Stay tuned to receive Betternet's latest news and updates!

Download Link here.

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by Benjamin White