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Hackers and Governments Can Hack Your Phone’s Camera

Ever wonder if your phone camera and microphone are spying on you? This is how hackers and governments are using your everyday device to track … Read More

Betternet June 19, 2018

Betternet Introduces Hexatech: A Revolutonary VPN

We got exciting news for Betternet fans: Betternet team is introducing a revolutionary VPN called Hexatech! The first question that might strike your mind might … Read More

Betternet April 4, 2016

“How to surf anonymously on the Internet”

Privacy has become a major concern for internet users all around the world, thanks to Edward Snowden for creating this awareness all over the world. … Read More

Betternet September 1, 2015

7 Reasons You Should Use Betternet

Perhaps you might have been wondering why you should use Betternet Free VPN app. Is it safe, free, fast and efficient? In this blog post, … Read More

Betternet July 23, 2015