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Everything we know so far about the iPhone X

Everything we know so far about the iPhone X

Revealed about two months ago, the iPhone X promises to be the best iteration of Apple’s smartphone line to date. Packed with new features and taking a “design-centric” approach to both user interface and experience, this smartphone may possibly be the best word in mobile devices yet.

Taking some very large design changes and using them to further augment the smartphone experience for the user, the iPhone X’s design and features lean towards a lifestyle where our phones and our lives can seamlessly integrate.

Here are the known features of the upcoming iPhone X.

In your face

The first - and possibly biggest - change with this smartphone is the phaseout of the Touch ID in favour of the Face ID, which points at Apple’s full drive towards implementing this feature on all of their future devices. It works by seamlessly scanning your face with over thirty thousand reference points, allowing you to unlock your phone with a glance.

In addition, this new security feature also works with notifications and displays, even if your phone is locked. If someone else holds up your phone, all they’ll see is the notification itself - but if the registered user looks at it, face recognition will authenticate and display the preview of the notification received.

All screen, no bezels

Another striking feature of the iPhone X is the lack of a bezel on the bottom - this is made possible by the first OLED screen on the iPhone line, which folds back into the actual case itself to make this seamless transition from case to screen possible.

This stunning OLED screen comes with a Super Retina display that Apple promises “will dazzle the eyes,” displaying true blacks and accurate color.

A strong case

The screen itself is the most durable glass ever in the iPhone lineup, with a case made of surgical-grade stainless steel for maximum resiliency. Water and dust resistant, the glass backing also allows the wireless charging feature that comes with the iPhone 8.

Lights, cameras, and clicks

The front facing and rear cameras are said to be the best innovation in smartphone cameras to date, coming with facial True Depth technology that accurately maps the features of your face or the scene you’re taking for the best photo possible.

Photographers in particular will delight in the new Studio Mode in the iPhone X, allowing you to control the lighting in real time while you’re taking the photo, mimicking the studio displays they’re innately familiar with.

While there may be more features on the way (for example, rumors abound that Apple is considering the possibility of using a digital stylus with the iPhone X,) the features already revealed cement the commitment of Apple’s designers and engineers to a future where our phones are part of our lives, not merely items in it.

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