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How to access Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and WhatsApp in Turkey

Recently the government of Turkey has blocked access to social media channels in many major cities in the country to repress the protestors. Many people are struggling to communicate with their loved ones, families and friends due to the recent blockage.

By limiting the users' access to major social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and WhatsApp, the Turkish government has reportedly made online communication very difficult for Turkish citizens and protestors.

How to access Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Youtube with Betternet Free VPN

By downloading Betternet Free VPN, available on Android, iOS, Windows and Chrome Extension, you can easily connect to secure servers around the world and get around the censorship and blockage in Turkey.

In order to access blocked websites:

1- Download Betternet

2- Install it on your device

3- Connect Betternet

After connecting, you can securely access all the blocked websites.

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by Benjamin White