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How To Browse The Internet Anonymously

How To Browse The Internet Anonymously

How can you keep your privacy on the internet? You may have your reasons - like wanting to keep your personal data private from the sites you visit, or to lessen your digital footprint on the internet. Your reason aside, there are many ways that you can browse the internet with anonymity - here’s a couple that you might find handy.

Option 1: Incognito mode

The best friend to people using a shared computer, incognito mode is the first and most familiar of the methods that you might know to browse the internet in private. It works by preventing your browsing history being stored on your computer when it’s turned on, as well as not saving any autofill and form data.

What it doesn’t do is hide your identity from the sites you visit - they’ll still keep a record of your IP address when you drop by. Think of it as a one-way mirror, with them still being able to see in without you knowing at all. In order to get rid of that, you’ll need…

Option 2: Proxy servers

Proxy servers are very straightforward: they retrieve web pages for you instead of having your IP address doing it. When you go to a proxy website and type the URL for the site you wish to visit, the proxy server retrieves it before your IP does, so in the event that it was ever traced, it’ll trace back to the proxy’s server address, not yours.

It’s easy to use, and very efficient. There are limitations though: most proxy servers cannot stream data to you. There is also the question of whether the proxy server itself is recording your information: this can be avoided by going to a trusted site, but is never quite clear.

Option 3: VPN

A VPN service (Virtual Private Network) is one of the newest - and fastest growing - tools available to the private internet browser. With the ability to encrypt your information and protect your data while browsing, VPNs are some of the best ways available to those who wish to keep their content private - or access private content.

VPN providers also come with various features that proxy sites and incognito mode lack, such as the ability to also work on your tablet and smartphone at the same time, provide additional layers of security and encryption, or monitor the activity of your own IP address for potential data breaches. While some of these features may not be free, they are extremely useful for the cost.

No matter the method that you choose, it’s best to keep in mind that being careful on the internet starts with how you use the internet, not just the tools that are available to you. But if you want a little more privacy when enjoying your time online, there are plenty of them that you can pick and choose from.

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