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“How to surf anonymously on the Internet”

Privacy has become a major concern for internet users all around the world, thanks to Edward Snowden for creating this awareness all over the world. Now many of you are probably worried if the NSA, your government or your Internet Service Provider is tracking you, or you probably care about hiding your real identity, your physical address or protecting your private data when you browse online. In this article I will discuss the possible ways that help you overcome all your concerns about online privacy and surfing anonymously.

There are 5 tips that will help you browse the web anonymously:

1- Websites track visitors to serve ads : websites log your IP address to find out where you get online from, what kind of browser you use , what kind of Operating system you have, and more importantly what kind of stuff are you interested to read or buy. They do this to send you specific ads based on your search results. For example if you search Samsung mobile or iPhone on a browser, they log your search history to send you cell phone related ads in future and this can be very annoying. As a result you end up viewing ads related to Samsung mobile phones and iPhones on every page you visit


2- Social Media Track where you go: If your device or smart phone is logged into any Social media networks such as FacebookTwitterGoogle +, it makes it possible for these networks and apps to track your browsing history if the websites you visit have social network plug-ins. When you check into places from inside your social media apps, you real location will be revealed to others and to the social media that you use. This kind of information will be also logged.


3- ISPs can analyze your network traffic:  They do this to see what you do online, and which websites you visit. They also can easily track what you download from which website and in some cases send you notifications to stop downloading from certain websites that infringe the copyright regulations.

Solution: A VPN service masks your identity by giving you a new IP address. It also encrypts all your ingoing, and outgoing data so your ISP won’t be able to see what you are doing. You can use Betternet Free VPN to hide your IP and network traffic.

4- Create Profiles under nick names: If you are afraid of being tracked online by the government, or other people that you don’t want to acquire any information about you, its a good idea to create emails that are not under you real name. If you need access to social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google +, create a profile with a fake name to stay safe.

5- Safety Measures: For more security, always:

After all remember that complete anonymity is not 100% achievable, so be careful what you do online.

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by Betternet September 1, 2015