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Improve security and data access with these online tools

Improve security and data access with these online tools

Improved security, better anonymity, and access to restricted online websites and content; these are among the most notable benefits of using a VPN. What many people do not know is that VPN functions can be improved when used together with a number of software. Below are four examples of software that complement the functionality of a VPN.

IP address tester

One of the uses of a VPN is IP address masking. Because the real IP address of the user is hidden and a temporary address is used, all activities are tied to the temporary address, keeping the user anonymous. The temporary IP address also lets the user browse as if they’re in a different virtual location, allowing them to access blocked websites and content.

However, it’s possible that a VPN will fail to generate a temporary IP address for the user from time to time. To find out if the process is a success, users can visit IP address testing sites such as What’s My IP Address and IP Location.

Privacy browsers

It’s fairly well-known that popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari can track and record the data of their users, including their browsing histories and meta information. Browsers do this so that they can tailor advertisements and search results to the interests of the users, improving their browser experience.

Privacy browsers are different. Unlike standard browsers, they don’t record user data, making them perfect for those who don’t want to be tracked while browsing. Privacy browsers work well with VPN, providing better protection for user data.

GPS spoofing software

There are a number of apps and websites that rely on GPS tracking for them to function properly (e.g. Pokemon GO). Additionally, some of these content are restricted to certain territories. To make these types of content work, users must change their not just their IP address but also their GPS location. VPNs can take care of the IP address. For the the GPS location, there’s GPS spoofing.

GPS spoofing allows users to fake their GPS location. For example, they can make the GPS receiver think that they are in Tokyo when they’re in fact in New York. Together with a VPN, GPS spoofing software opens up new ways to enjoy content online.

File encryption

When using a VPN, all traffic that the user receives and sends out online are encrypted, including files. Outside of VPNs, however, the files themselves are not encrypted and they can be compromised.

This is where file encryption comes in. File encryption tools allow users to keep their files secure not just during transit, but also during storage. An encrypted file ensures that only the intended recipient is able to access the file. This can also be helpful if a device becomes compromised.

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