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IoT and Smart Home Tech: An Industrial Revolution

IoT and Smart Home Tech: An Industrial Revolution

The internet was originally created to facilitate rapid communications between people or local networks. Over time, as both lines of communication and the technology behind them became more sophisticated, we were struck with a better idea: to make things easier and faster, why not allow the internet to communicate between things themselves?

And so the Internet of Things (or IoT) was created: the newest tool in helping people make sure that they can exchange information and important data faster than ever. While normally used between devices, IoT is drawing closer to home - quite literally.

The Internet of Things

Originally developed as a form of communication between devices that can replace manual input that would normally require a human, the IoT made it possible for devices to perform in ways that they would be otherwise unable to without outside input.

For example, it became feasible for someone to turn on a switchboard miles away from a remote console without even touching the switchboard, or oversee a data transfer without even being the server rooms. Starting with mechanical tasks, the IoT made human oversight unnecessary, leaving room for other tasks and almost none for human error.

For people, this meant many things: suddenly, a world of possibilities was opened up to them, because they didn’t need to be physically present to make machines do something. All they needed to do was to make sure that the devices could talk to one another, even if it was as simple as action-and-reaction.

IoT Life

Of course, this meant more comfort, more versatility, and more convenience for homeowners. How many times have we wished that our devices could anticipate our movements and actions, especially if we used them for routine purposes? For a while, the concept of “warming up” was always present when it came to using machinery: with IoT, that concept becomes a little less applicable around the home.

For example: say that you’re coming home from work on a snowy day and you’d really like the heat on when you came home. Before, that would require you to come home, turn on the heater/thermostat, wait, then finally thaw out. But with an IoT enabled home, you can have the heater turn off as soon as you leave work, or even in the middle of transit going home.

IoT-enabled tech can also help around the home as well. If you’re making dinner, you can also have your TV run the news, or have an automated voice read your emails for the day. Or if you’ve forgotten to turn off the lights in the attic or basement, a click of a button will allow you to do that from your bed. Soon, it might not be a far away thought that we can control our entire living space from the palm of our hands.

The Internet Of People

But while IoT has made strides into entering the office and our homes, the essential part of its many features is that it allows us to become more productive and fulfilled as individuals. The Internet of Things was created in order to make sure that the Internet of People remained as people-centric as it could be.

By cutting out the non-essential parts of communication and “talking” to one another, our devices can now help us become even better people, with smart tools that allow us to make the fullest use of our time and energy.

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