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Bypass Music Streaming Services With Betternet Free VPN!

Bypass Music Streaming Services With Betternet Free VPN!

Today most music fans prefer to listen to their favorite music online on music streaming applications because they are cheaper, more accessible and more convenient. You can play music whenever you want with simply installing your favorite music streaming app on your smart phone or other devices and all you need is access to the internet to listen to music.

Music Streaming apps such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, etc., give you access to millions of songs but the big problem with these streaming applications are the fact that they are geo-restricted, meaning you can’t use them in some countries due to their privacy policy. The streaming apps restrict your access by detecting your IP and denying access to their service even if you are:

Outside the supported countries by those apps or a subscriber but temporarily located outside the supported countries by their service. For example, Imagine you travel for business or go on a vacation to another country and you realize you can’t play music on your Spotify account anymore. It’s annoying right? But the good news is Betternet Free VPN easily solves this problem.

How to Use Betternet to Bypass the Music Streaming Restrictions

By downloading and installing Betternet Free VPN you can easily connect to the internet anonymously and change your IP address to the countries such as the US, Canada or Europe that support the streaming services. For example imagine you live in the US and you travel to another country where Spotify or Pandora don’t work. Connecting to Betternet changes your IP address and makes the music website think you are inside the United States.

How it works:

1- Download Betternet Free VPN on your iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Android smartphone.

2- Connect to Betternet

3- Open your music streaming app, log in and enjoy the music!

Tip: Connecting to Betternet VPN also protects your personal information and data traffic while you are connected to public wi-fi in hotels or public places!

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by Benjamin White