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Technology and the Body

Technology and the Body

While technology has always been the hallmark of our progress as a civilisation, the recent trends and developments see an increasing merger of technology and the body: the union of lifestyle and science.

Over the past decade, the trend of technology has strongly leaned towards integrating existing and future tech with our own bodies - whether that’s through physical augmentation, bionic replacement or making wearable technology more natural to equip and use everyday.


Technology has brought its fair share of wonders to help push the advancement of humanity forward, but there’s also the matter of making our everyday life easier. This push in the direction of letting technology and the human body interface with each other can make this process easier, as well as letting us use our environment in new and exciting ways.

Many of these advancements and devices are all working towards this goal: to make our bodies better, stronger, and faster than they are. The merger of technology with the human body can be accurately summed up in one word: augmentation.

To become something more

And even if augmentation was not the end goal of this merger, technology can still serve the body by allowing it to replace what it had lost. We see this all the time in those who get artificial limbs or prosthetics, allowing them to regain an essential part of the human experience that was previously not possible.

With the rate of advancement in science and technology, we see this being pushed to new heights. Bionic eyes can replace lost sight, and touch sensors on prosthetics allows amputees to feel aside from using their lost limbs. Technology even goes into the recesses of our own brains, to allows us to interface with our devices with a thought, instead of an action.

A lifestyle

Advancements such as the smartphone have made technology a constant presence in our everyday lives, allowing us to support a standard of living that allows for constant connectivity and communication with each other. With the integration of tech into our own bodies, this communication is set to reach new levels of speed and efficiency.

It may be years or decades before our dreams of full integration of the human body and our own developing technology can become a reality, but the direction is steadily pointed towards that way. And while it may be that we ourselves may not be the candidates or those who will choose to fully embrace this direction, it falls to us to expect that it will happen - and probably sooner than we might think.

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