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Travelling and Online Security: How They Go Hand In Hand

Travelling and Online Security: How They Go Hand In Hand

Everyone takes vacations - who wouldn’t like a break every once in a while? But with so many people heading off to the beach or to the spa, focused on their own good times, it makes them very easy targets for cyber criminals.

Almost everyone takes their gadgets with them wherever they go. That usually means they take their private information with them as well. And for tourists or happy vacationers just looking for a good time, that means they’re not paying attention as much as they should - and that’s when the criminals strike.

Here are some areas where you should be paying attention to when travelling, in order to help keep your online information secure.

Public WiFi

Free WiFi is the digital scent that drives people crazy - and who can blame them for it? Free access to the internet is almost a requirement for any vacation spot or coffee shop, which means that there’s plenty of data running through the network for hackers to exploit.

As much as possible, limit your usage of public WiFi. These networks are often unsecured and are a favorite target of thieves and hackers in the vicinity, which use these networks in order to steal information from your phone or eavesdrop with local communications.

Lock your devices

Another thing that is easily forgotten by tourists is simply locking your phone. There’s been plenty of cases where devices aren’t locked properly, which makes them easier targets for physical theft. Either for convenience, or some misplaced confidence in their security, people often keep their devices unlocked, which is extremely dangerous.

Cyber criminals don’t even need to physically steal your device in order to gain access to your data: all they need is a few minutes with your device. Locking your device can go a long way in preventing data theft.

ATMS and public devices

Another popular target of cyber criminals? Public devices - specifically, public computers and ATMs. Since these are devices where we often need to input personal or financial data, they’re a favorite spot for hackers to steal data.

The best thing to do is to avoid using public computers and be careful when using ATMs. If you absolutely need to do access these devices, make sure that they’re at a legitimate place with security, such as a bank or a library.

Security software

Finally, always make sure that your security on your devices are up to date when heading out. Updating your antivirus databases may not be the first thing on your mind while you’re on a vacation (and there’s no guarantee that the internet can support it wherever you’re going) so making sure that you have protection beforehand can go a long way.

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