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Welcome to Betternet Blog

Welcome to Betternet Blog

What is Betternet?*
Betternet is one of the most secure and fastest Free VPN softwares that allows users to surf online anonymously and freely, get access to blocked websites all over the world, and protect their data from hackers and governments.
By using Betternet free VPN service you can bypass internet restrictions and get access to filtered websites in your country, at school, or your workplace. This fast VPN service also allows you to evade firewalls, watch videos on Youtube and Vimeo, or watch movies online on popular streaming channels. You can also unblock filtered social media in your country and have access to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

What is Betternet’s Mission?
Betternet’s mission is to give internet users the ability to surf online freely and securely without any limits. Our biggest goal is to provide privacy for users who desire free access to the internet without any boundaries.

Available For *Download*on Various Devices
This free VPN is available for different platforms including: iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod-touch), Android devices, Windows desktop, Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Over 5 million users in the world use Betternet free VPN on their devices since its first launch on the market (July 9, 2014). Betternet has reached the 8th place in the “Top 10 in App Store Productivity” ranking only 4 months after its first launch. To download Betternet VPN for iPhone, iPad, Windows and Chrome or Firefox Extensions you can click on the link here.
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by Benjamin White