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NeverAds Free adblocker for Safari iPhone

  • Block annoying ads on Safari browser
  • Block all banners, malware, pop-ups and video apps
  • Block all flash games across the web
  • Browse faster, without distraction
  • No more YouTube video ads
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When you watch videos on YouTube, you will not be bothered by
annoying video ads every time you try to open a video.
NeverAds blocks all the video ads on YouTube.

NeverAds Free app for Safari enables you to block all kinds of ads when you surf the web and lets you browse faster without any interruptions.

Block all YouTube video ads

When you connect to Youtube, you see lots of annoying ads and banners in the page that slow down your PC or laptop. NeverAds gives you a better browsing experience by blocking those ads.

Browser without distraction

Browse without being forced to watch annoying ads after visiting every single website! Banners and ads disrupt your browsing experience and slow down your computer. NeverAds prevents this by blocking ads when you open different pages.