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  • Block any Safari browser ads on your smartphone or laptop
  • Block unwanted video apps, pop-ups, banners, and malware
  • Block annoying flash games
  • Surf the web faster without time consuming ads
  • Avoid YouTube video ads for good
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NeverAds blocks all YouTube video ads, so you’ll never have to worry about annoying ads preventing you from watching a video immediately ever again. All YouTube ads will be blocked for good.

NeverAds is a free app for the Safari browser. It blocks ads when you browse the internet so that you can surf the web without interruptions or distractions.
  • All YouTube Ads Blocked

    YouTube ads are lengthy and annoying. Avoid them for good with NeverAds. NeverAds blocks annoying YouTube ads and banners so you can get a faster viewing experience.

  • Browse The Web Faster Than Ever Before

    Tired of having to watch annoying, time-consuming ads every time to load up a website? Don’t let banners and ads interrupt your online experience. Get NeverAds and start blocking ads so you can surf the web smoothly. Your browsing experience will be more enjoyable and Safari will run faster!

  • Stay Safe From Malware

    Without an adblocker, you are potentially exposing your smartphone to dangerous malware. Don’t take the risk. Protect your smartphone, personal data, and web history with NeverAds.