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Betternet iOS

  • Download Betternet’s Free VPN app on your smartphone
  • Improve your connection speed
  • Connect to the web in only one click
  • Unblock websites no matter where you are located
  • Bypass geo-restrictions
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Download Betternet free VPN for iOS and start getting access to blocked websites on your iPhone. Secure your web browsing experience and make sure its completely anonymous!

Download Betternet VPN for iOS and improve your web browsing experience on your iPhone or iPad in one click. Easily connect to blocked websites regardless of your location. Secure your web activities and avoid your personal data being accessed by hackers, third parties, or government actors.

View Blocked Websites

Easily access blocked content with Betternet VPN for iOS. Access sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter no matter where you are located. Don’t let government restrictions or blocked sites at school or work stop you from accessing online content.

Watch Streaming Channels Without Restriction

Unblock web based streaming channels and start watching sports and movies on demand. Stop being limited by your location and unblock sites that are restricted when you travel.

Connect To The Web Safely

Get a secure connection to the internet via your iPhone. Stay protected while you surf the web on public Wi-Fi and prevent hackers and third parties from getting access to your personal data.